about us

Why 8-a-side was born?

Remember the days when you used to wait for your turn for a quick game of football? Well, no more wait as we now have the largest indoor football turf to take care of your kicking urge. Equipped with floodlights this semi enclosed Pro-Turf is sure to serve as the most-coveted playing ground for enthusiasts who are looking to kick it hard come rain or shine. So, go ahead, put your sports shoe on. For football fanatics in Mumbai and Thane, there is always the 8-a-side’s largest football arena of 7150 sq ft that rents out their ground for football teams to hold matches and host tournaments. Boasting of an incredible Pro Turf , Pro Shield, 40 mm non-infilled density of 26250 with 3/8 Gauge and double packing , this facility is definitely worth playing at.

The Turf

The artificial turf which form the 7150 sq ft Football arena have been constructed using the very latest technology with the object of producing a terrain that will minimise the risk of injury to players and allow the football itself to act as it would on a natural turf pitch. Thanks to the incredible softness of the grass fibres used, players will not risk injury should they fall or slide on the grass. The Facilities
Well-lit arena with floodlights
Never too dark to play and comfortable all year round
Spacious shower cubicles and changing rooms
Lockers that provide peace of mind
Well laid parking lot
Peripheral Skating Ring around the turf cream
Walking track and sitting stands for activities like jogging, brisk walking, yoga or simply sitting.

8-A-SIDE's Vision

8-A-Side’s vision is to be the industry’s trailblazing sports company, guided by the aspiration to open up new avenues for achievement and accomplishment.

8-A-SIDE's Mission

Our mission is to run a consistent sports development program providing everyone with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive sporting activities.